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Fresh clean smell of baby powder.

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Our baby powder wear like a fragrance. Our customers rave about the compliments they receive when wearing this scent.

19 reviews for BABY POWDER

  1. Domonique Smith (verified owner)

    this was the first product I tried from a friend and I loved it. I had to buy it for myself.
    amazing product. I get so many complements.

  2. S. Jones

    I love love this smell. EVERY TIME I walk pass someone they compliment me and ask me what is it. I’m so glad I can now order online because I have to BEG a friend to get this for me. Thank you

  3. Amanda Jones

    I have the Kandy Apple, Peach Champagne, and the Kiwi Strawberry whipped body butters. They all smell good, definitely worth the money. A little goes a long way. She does a great job making them. Keep up the good work.

  4. Michelle Peterson

    My Favorite sent.

  5. Patricia Stover (verified owner)

    I love this and it smells so good!!! It last all day and is my favorite so far!!

  6. Kay

    Smells just like baby powder! This leaves me smelling so fresh and my skin feels amazing whenever I put this on!

  7. Danielle Ice (verified owner)

    LOVE the Baby Powder scent. I been using the shes butter every morning & get compliments all day. When I walk in my bedroom when getting off work 10 hours later it smells like someone just opened it. I will definitely be ordering more. This is now a MUST for my morning routine.

  8. Jasmine

    It really smells like baby powder y’all! I love love love this stuff! This will be everyone’s Christmas gift this year!

  9. Terri (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love! This I love Baby Powder scents I got one from Amazon it smelled really great to, But it Doesn’t give me the moisture.This Last for Days until you wash again and even when you wash you smell it I get Lot of compliments and ask who smells like baby powder!? I work in Healthcare and I have to carry surgical mask in my pocket for those wearing cloth and when I gave them one that had been wrapped in paper towels for them to change I got “oh this smells good are yall putting baby powder on them” I laughed and said oh its my body butter thats how potent it is and it Last!! Will always Get This!.

  10. Cynthia Marable (verified owner)

    Love it my co workers always s As y I know she here follow the scent.

  11. Kait T

    This smells exactly like baby powder. I loved that fresh scent at first but after a while I didn’t like it on myself or anyone else that wore it. It smelled literally like a baby. Lol!! But a little gore such a long way!

  12. Temile (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite! It smells just as described and it’s very long lasting! I get compliments all day. I also pair mine with the body oil spray.

  13. Natalie (verified owner)

    The smell is over powering and too strong!! To me it’s not a light sent like the baby powder. I can’t return it, so I have to tolerate the smell. Not my favorite!!!

    • Geri Murphy

      Dear Natalie,
      So sorry you found the scent too strong. Sounds like you would like some of our lighter fragrances like Golden Sand, Amber White, Red Chick, or Pink Sugar. These are just a few of our lighter fragrances.

  14. Aisia (verified owner)

    I first was addicted to Beloved, then Fresh and clean now this Baby powder is everything. I’ve gotten soooooo many compliments on all 3. I only where a little and it goes a long way. Keep up the great job!!!

  15. Felicia Harris (verified owner)

    I blindly purchased this shea butter in the Baby Powder and I absolutely do not regret it. I actually layered it with Carolina Herrera Very Good Girl and I couldn’t stop turning heads. I will be purchasing a larger container in my next order.

  16. Shakeisha H

    Clean, soft, and perfect for kids

  17. Ashlea Goins-Zimmerman (verified owner)

    I LOVE this scent! I first smelled it on a coworker and was hooked. I get so many compliments. It last all day and keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  18. Myette (verified owner)

    When the box arrived I smelled this scent. I had two other scents however this one was the strongest. It smells just like baby powder. I can’t wait to wear it!

  19. angelascales382 (verified owner)

    This fragrance smells so good!!! I LOVE your products, the way it makes my skin feel and the fragrance stays with you all day/afternoon/night long. I wore this fragrance for the 1st time at work (in a school)… Everyone was telling me that the smell was so fresh and even when I walked in the hallway or entered into a classroom the smell stayed. This scent is POWERFUL, A little goes a long wayyyyy. I always order the 4oz and I’m a full figure woman.

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