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Exotic Scent imported from Saudi Arabia….

15 reviews for GOLDEN SAND

  1. Chris

    This specific scented butter smells A M A Z I N G!!!!!! And, I like that it’s not greasy. My 8yo son and I use it dailey.

  2. Nakanya

    Love the scent. It last on my skin throughout the night and into the morning without being too heavy. It makes my skin soft,

  3. Design Services

    Thank you for your true compliment and continued support!

  4. Brina Walker (verified owner)

    My favorite and my husband loves this smell on me so I will continue wearing this

  5. Jovanna

    This scent is absolutely heavenly……..sweet but not that fruity sweet…..yet a little musk. Adore it.

  6. Zae (verified owner)

    Highly recommend. If you love the oils, you’ll love the Shea butter

  7. Rose

    OMG this scent smells so good. Every time I wear it people go crazy! One time I was at a party and so many people kept telling me I smell so good.

  8. Keesha

    First let me say i used to purchase through one of her supporters and i’m so glad i found the online store , Golden sand is my favorite scent i always buy it in the 8oz! I can’t wait to try the other ones but this will always be my all time favorite.

  9. Shandora

    This golden sand is the absolute BEST.. I got a few scents for Christmas & this was a hit. It’s smooth & smells great. It literally makes my whole entire bed smell great for days…

  10. Patrina Foster (verified owner)

    My sister actually put me on to this sent, I usually get purple passion or pink sugar! This golden sand is WINNING!!! It’s my favorite, the ppl at my job love it! Just ordered some more. Can’t wait til it arrives!!

    Trina, South Carolina

  11. Rosheda B (verified owner)

    All time favorite!

  12. Wolonda (verified owner)

    This is a all day lasting, refreshing scent that’s one of my everlasting FAVORITES……I have others that I’m thrilled about as well.

  13. Olivia (verified owner)

    This is fabulicious! It amazing! It’s makes your skin feel soft /sexy and smells wonderful. Every time I wear it people alway ask me what is that perfume ur wearing? it smells beautiful I would say it’s not a perfume because I hate the alcohol but it whipped shea butter and they are like wow! Men and women both compliment me on my fragrance so I know it’s the bomb.con. It one thing for a scent to smell good but to have the same effect on everyone who wear it that beautiful. I always recommend those who ask to try it they would love it from start to finish. It is definitely worth it

  14. Olivia (verified owner)

    This is fabulicious! It amazing! It’s makes your skin feel soft /sexy ! It is the both men and women old and young compliments me on my fragrance

  15. Carolyn Morgan (verified owner)

    I loved your shower gels are you planning to bring them back. Please do baby powder and golden sands are excellent

  16. Whitney (verified owner)

    This scent is amazing one of my favs‼️

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