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Inspired by Jimmy Choo

5 reviews for JIMMY CHOO TYPE masculine

  1. Dominic

    I will say that I have received so many compliments from this scent! People I just met “What’s that you have on and where can I get it?!” and people I’ve known for years have complimented me “Boy you actually smell like something today!” (I just wanna put out there I never stink lol). And not only does it smell good but it’s helped with my skin as well! Highly recommended!

  2. Tiffany R.

    I became a fan when my sister was visiting from Houston. I immediately noticed the fragrance and asked “Girl, what do you have on? You smell soooo good!!”. We went out for brunch and as I was checking out the cashier said, “You smell really good, what’s that you’re wearing…” When I got home I immediately placed an order 3 jars of the Jimmy Choo. Gave 1 to my daughter and she fell in love with it too. I am now a loyal customer and will be placing another order soon. Thank you Perfume Chick, you’ll be hearing from me again very soon.

  3. Stephae

    One of my favorite

  4. Stephae

    Lordt this stuff smells good on both men and women.

  5. Anna Scalf

    This scent is 100% satisfactory for both men and women. I get compliments every time I wear this.

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