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55 reviews for PINK SUGAR

  1. ShaDonna Hill


  2. Sherry

    I absolutely love Pink Sugar, it’s one of my favorites, I get so many compliments !

  3. Tee

    I love pink sugar and the best part is that I can’t smell it on myself because my allergies and sinus are terrible.

  4. Patrice Shaw

    I love pink sugar shea butter: 5 stars.

  5. Lady Donna

    Pink sugar is my favorite.

  6. Sonja Boone-Moore

    Every time I wear Pink Sugar I get so so many compliments. I love how it last all day and keep my skin soft and moist!!!

  7. Ashley Brown

    I’m a Shea Butter lover; but this one by far blows me away!! I love it so much!

  8. Kay

    My favorite thus far. Everyone stops and compliments how sweet I smell. People smell me before they see me. I absolutely love this Shea butter

  9. Sandra Gainer

    Love the PinK Sugar.So soft and smooth and silky.Rub it on your skin and feet and the silkiness last for days.i just love it.

  10. Kellyn

    People have told me they smell my scent as soon as I’m in the room and how wonderful I smell, I recommend it to all my friends and tell them to buy it here online. Definitely worth the price and isn’t too overbearing. The sweetness gives an innocent peach kind of feeling it’s angelic. I’m a fan of this and Moon light which is more subtle but still amazing.

  11. Mariah

    Absolutely love pink sugar! I have the whipped butter, perfume spray, lotion and shower gel. It’s sweet and my BF loves it!

  12. Tamika

    I been coming to the perfume for the last pass 5 years I do live her

  13. Tamika

    Live the perfume chick

  14. Renee R Smith


  15. Eva Archie

    Love this majic butter!

  16. Sandra Gainer

    Pink Sugar is Everything!!!.The scent is amazing and the Shea Butter moisturizes your skin.After a shower or bath and rubbing it on your feet makes them silky smooth.I cannot get enough of Pink Sugar

  17. Jamie Smith

    I received pink sugar and purple passion for my birthday at the end of February and I am just now finishing them. Both are fabulous.

  18. kanika hicks

    pink sugar is just amazing , i love the scent so much , it makes me smell like candy .

  19. kanika hicks

    pink sugar smells delicious .

  20. san lane

    waiting to try it.

  21. Diann Williams (verified owner)

    This is the best! I put mines on while my skin is still wet, then I dry off! I love the infused aroma!

  22. C


  23. Margaret Leath

    Pink Sugar is my goto fragrance from TPC. I have all my friends and clients using it. Ladies the men love it. Ijs

  24. Tamika Abdullah


  25. Nancy Williams

    Pink sugar is my favorite I love the smell and I really do get so many compliments

  26. angela (verified owner)

    a customer for life!! I’m lost for words.. the smell OMGOODNESS! If I must say so myself I smell sooo pretty and feel sooo soft ..I’ve never had a butter like this before.. please don’t change–I’ll be returning for more..My friends must be told about this as well..

  27. Danielle Ice (verified owner)

    LOVE Pink Sugar. I recently tried to Shea butter. I will definitely be ordering the spray.

  28. Kira (verified owner)

    Pink Sugar smell sooooo wonderful!!! A smell that last all day!! leaving you with a beautiful glow and super soft skin!

    Shipping was very fast!! and I received quick professional responses to questions on IG!

  29. sherron algarin

    I absolutely love this flavor omg I get lots of Compliments and my skin looks amazing

  30. Hannah Woods

    Someone purchased the pink sugar shea butter for me as a birthday gift and I absolutely LOVE it! It smells sooo divine!

  31. Alkia Morris (verified owner)

    Purchased for my cousin as a gift. She loves the fragrance.

  32. Dedria Lewis

    I love love love this scrub.

  33. Jada

    Is this the same as the lite Shea butter?

  34. Lady Tico

    One of my favorite oils. Smells awesome and last for the whole day.

  35. Design Services

    Hello, lite pink is a different scent. Pink Sugar is a sweet scent.

  36. Shalita Keaton

    My favorite

  37. Michelle Chase (verified owner)

    My favorite. Always complimented and asked what I’m wearing.

  38. carol (verified owner)

    i love all the but my favorite is million dollar women

  39. Princess (verified owner)

    Tried pink sugar for the first time without even smelling because the reviews were so good and it smells AMAZING and lasts all day! Perfect mixture of sweet but sexy.

  40. Ian Bryant

    I love, love! this fragrance. Whenever my wife has it on, she gets my immediate attention! The smell is an instant turn-on for me.

  41. Marlye

    I’ve been using Pink Sugar for years and I can’t seem to try anything else. I am so in love ith this scent.

  42. Debra Richardson

    Been using pink sugar for a while. Wish I could order this without going through someone else.

  43. Design Services You can order it and if you are local you can do a curbside pick up or we will ship it to you.

  44. Kellyn (verified owner)

    Love pink sugar I’ve always gotten so many compliments and you can smell it for a while even when people are just in the room not even next to you, delicious. I don’t use it on my hair or face but I use it everywhere else. ❤️

  45. Trin (verified owner)

    Pink Sugar is MY ALL TIME FAVORITE.

  46. Tawanda (verified owner)

    I love me some Pink Sugar! I have bad allergies and I can wear pink sugar and not worry about sneezing. Oh and the compliments I get on it is awesome! I can definitely say I leave an impact on any room I enter or exit:!

  47. Cheryl

    Wow! The sugar scrub makes my skin feel soft as silk. I’m in love. Will continue to purchase.

  48. Evelyne D (verified owner)

    This smell is intoxicating everybody that pass me compliments me. I believe that this would compliment anyboby natural sent. simply AWESOME

  49. Desiree

    This used to be my favorite. It smelled a little off last time I purchased it.

  50. Deanna Scissum (verified owner)

    Love love love pink sugar!

  51. Rodney Keller (verified owner)

    My wife’s favorite

  52. Rodney Keller (verified owner)

    My wife loves the store

  53. Johniece (verified owner)

    By far this the best scent ever! I’m inlove it smells sooooooo good omg im ordering a bigger size before it sales out. I love it it makes me smell sweet like candy 🍭 dont second guess it order it! You will not regret it.

  54. Jayda (verified owner)

    Favorite scent on repeat! A man at the grocery store told me I smelled delicious and he won’t flirting he was surprised I walked pass him and smelled that good.

    Looking for a head turner? This your big one sis!

  55. Mia Johnson (verified owner)

    Pink Sugar is my absolute favorite! I get so many compliments when I wear this!!!

  56. Ashely (verified owner)

    Love this with the perfume is lethal combination always get compliments none stop

  57. Melva M. (verified owner)

    My coworker was wearing this amazing sweet scent. I smelled it as soon as I walked into her office. I asked her about it and I’ve been hooked ever since (about a year). Now, my teen daughter constantly is using mine when she runs out of her. I’m going to get her a pink sugar package together before she goes off to college

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