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19 reviews for PRADA CANDY

  1. Patricia Walker

    I like this fragrance

  2. Patricia Walker

    Very good and refreshing fragrance, love it.

  3. Patricia Walker


  4. Patricia Walker

    Pleasant fragrance

  5. Stephae

    Such an amazing fragance and very popular, I even have worn it to bed so I could smell it while I sleep

  6. Patricia Walker

    Nice scent

  7. Patricia Walker


  8. Patricia Walker


  9. Kay

    It has a hint of the Prada Candy scent but is way too strong. When I applied it my co workers all thought I had been with a man before work because how strong the scent was. It smells like when a man puts on too much cologne, barely smell the actual scent. This one is a no for me but the others I’ve ordered so far are great.

  10. Jeanne Williams Wells


  11. Jeanne Williams Wells


  12. Tarae Settles

    Love Itttt!!!!?????????????????????

  13. Neka PrettieSmile

    10 toes down….My FAVORITE!!!

  14. April Jackson

    Prada Candy smells so good. I was looking for a Black Owned Business that sells whipped body body and for the fragrance to last a long time and I think I found it! Thank you Rodrick for the recommendation. Will be ordering more in the future.

  15. Kesha Luve

    I love this soft smelling sent. It smells clean and fresh not to strong of a fragrance and that’s what I like about it .

  16. Brittany

    My absolute favorite scent!!!!

  17. Dawn Stewart

    These combinations are awesome. Thank you for blessing these old looking hands.

  18. Precious

    It’s a must to have this fragrance as part of your

  19. Megan C

    I love this shea butter. Its sweet, and the texture is fluffy. I love it so much I brought 2lb jar.

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