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Fruity, a best seller

16 reviews for PURPLE PASSION

  1. Rashauna Everson

    Get lots of compliments when wearing this, they tell me it’s a beautiful soft fragrance

  2. Mellani Edwards (verified owner)

    Amazing scent!! One of my favs…….

  3. Joyznoise (verified owner)

    FAV! Periodt.


    My only go to scent, absolutely love it.

  5. Dione

    It smells so damn good!! I can’t explain it. One of My favorites!!?


    OMG! MY SON GAVE ME THIS!.. IM IN LOVE!… IT IS AMAZING!.. Scent last a very long time

  7. Kim Thompson

    This purple passion is one of my favorite go to scents from The Perfume Chick! If ya’ll aren’t using these butters in your hair!!!! I don’t know what to tell you. I use this in my daughter’s very thick hair and it makes it sooooo manageable and easier to comb! Other than leave in conditioner & water, I’ve been able to discontinue use of other haircare products to comb her hair. Also… I used this in her hair and could still smell it in her hair a week later!!!! Hair smelled amazing. Yep, TPC is ALL me and my daughter need for body care.

  8. Hilary Jones (verified owner)

    smells amazing love it

  9. Yolanda Murray (verified owner)

    This is the Only Fragrance I Buy Love it!!! My Husband Loves Jimmy Choo.

  10. Bo Mackenzie

    LISTEN. I received this as a gift from a patient, (I’m a nurse). I wore it one night to bed and all night,IN MY SLEEP now mind you, I kept smelling something amazing. I realized when I woke up, it was this product. I was SHOOK. I am an avid fan of smell goods, and I have always loved expensive lotions and perfumes…in my lifetime of buying those said products, none have compared to this. So the very next day, I got on here and ordered more. You have just earned a lifetime customer.

  11. Yolanda (verified owner)

    The scent is amazing and I am in love.

  12. Tiffani

    I love the scent and it lasts forever!!!! Buying more!

  13. Nadia

    I get a lot of compliments when using this product. My girl friend got me this one. I love it.

  14. angelascales382 (verified owner)

    When I 1st heard about perfume chick back in 2020 this was my 1st scent I tried and baby I fell in love!! This scent is AMAZING… I keep a 4oz jar at my desk!! I have worn Baby Powder, Red Chick, Pink Sugar, Beloved, Peach and Champagne, Love Her, Aloe Avocado, Gucci Guilty For Her, Strawberry *Ginger Lime (Back by popular demand), and Candy Apple (which they don’t sell anymore) All my purchases have been 4oz jars and a little goes a long way. I’m full figure woman. I’ve ENJOYED ALL SCENTS!!!!!

  15. Dee Lewis (verified owner)

    The scent is nice but not my favorite. A little too strong for me – It reminds me of Victoria Secret’s love spell. However, I use it when I’m out of my favorite “Gucci Bloom”.

  16. Cynteria robbins

    I am hooked on all the butters they leave my skin so moisturized and smell so good but my go to is baby powder.

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